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Chairman Gwlym Tibbott welcomed all the councillors.

Public Toilets

  • Information has been disseminated from Alastair Knox regarding the take over of the toilets which is now set for May 1.

  • The clerk had consulted One Voice Wales over fund raising to pay for the necessary alterations to the toilet. This is acceptable providing separate accounting was maintained. Also it would be preferable to establish a community group to organise the fund raising. Anybody who is able to help please contact Jennie Eilbeck 860312.

  • Darren Mayor has asked John Bellingham (clerk to Llanfyllin and Llanwddyn Councils) to assist with completing the forms for the take over. Carol Jones, Rhydyfelin y Felin was thanked for printing out the forms.

  • Councillor Mayor suggested advertising space in the toilets could be sold to generate revenue.

  • Quotes for toilet building insurance will be obtained.

Post Office
The clerk has been in touch with Neil Jenkins who said all avenues had been explored and nothing was available. Councillor Mayor suggested inviting him to the Council meeting in June to show the strength of feeling in the village.

Playing Field
Written request from the bowling club to use the field for a large competition on July 26. All agreed to this but suggested a donation towards the upkeep of the field would be welcome.

Playground Equipment
Grants may be available towards the cost of the refurbishment but it was felt the matter was too urgent to delay while these were sought. A majority were in favour of commissioning the work ASAP.

Llanfyllin Cluster Groups
Request from John Bellingham for a check list of services currently received from Powys County Council prior to a meeting with David Powell and representatives of all councils in the cluster group.

Ambulance Provision
Ann Williams, mayor of Llanfyllin invited everyone to attend a meeting at Llanfyllin on April 27 at 7.30 to express concerns to Welsh Ambulance Service.

Rhyd y Felin – BDS
Notification of an event on June 26/27 was given. No problems were envisaged.

Sufficient money has now been raised to purchase a defibrillator and casing for the village. A request to position it on the outside of the public toilets was granted.

Noisy disturbance
A letter had been received from Mr & Mrs Clark, Groesffordd regarding late night disturbance at the property next to Glendower. The clerk to write to all involved.

Dog worrying
Reports had been received of dogs running free near to sheep. Police had been informed. Gareth Evans will procure notices warning the public to control their dogs and distribute them to the farmers.