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UPDATE 21/7/16: Residents reminded that plastic film will not be collected

Plastic - Questions & Answers (Powys Council website)

Powys households are being reminded that plastic bags and film will not be collected if put out for collection in the kerbside red recycling box.

Stretchy plastic items such as carrier bags, magazine wrappers, food bags, bubble wrap and cling film can no longer be collected for recycling in the plastic and cans (red) box, and should be placed in with your general waste in the wheeled bin or purple sacks.

From 20 June, boxes containing large amounts of plastic film will not be emptied and left at the kerbside for the householder to remove the plastic film and put the correct items out for collection on their next scheduled collection day. This will be carried out across the county over a three week period. A short leaflet detailing what items can and can’t be recycled in the plastic and cans box will be left along with an explanation why it has been left.

Councillor John Powell, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, said: “We recognise that residents want to recycle as much as possible but unfortunately we can only recycle what the markets are prepared to accept and at a reasonable cost to the council.

“By removing these more difficult items we can reduce the costs of recycling and get a better price for the material. Plastic film can be easily compacted so shouldn’t take up much room in your wheeled bin or purple sacks.”

He added, “We have a team of Waste Awareness and Enforcement Advisers who can visit households to provide advice and assistance to help residents minimise the amount of refuse they produce and recycle all the material that we can collect. If households find that they are regularly filling their recycling boxes each week, additional recycling boxes can be requested online or by telephone.”

The council provides a weekly kerbside recycling collection for a large number of items including plastic trays, bottles and tubs, food and drinks cans, paper and card, glass bottles and jars and food waste. Larger plastic items such as toys can be recycled at household waste recycling centres.

For more information on what can and can’t be recycled please visit our website at For help and advice on reducing your refuse and increasing your recycling or to request additional recycling boxes, please email or contact us on 0845 602 7035.