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Items of Interest from Community Council
Meeting 19th November:

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting: Proposed Closure of Public Toilets by Powys County Council: Information on costs and other relevant operational facts have still not been received from Powys County Council. They have been asked to ensure that everything requested will be available for the Public Meeting on 5th December, when it is hoped to reach a final decision on the future of the toilets. Efforts to persuade Powys CC and WAG to keep them open on high degree of use and disability discrimination grounds are still being pursued.

Any Other Business:
Precept 2014/15: After consideration of outgoings over the past year and requirements for the year ahead it was resolved to keep the precept at its present level of £5,500.

Playground Inspection Report: This year’s inspection report highlighted several areas that needed attention and it was resolved to seek an estimate of cost for these repairs.

Local Government Settlement: Powys County Council have warned that due to a further reduction in the Local Government Settlement for 2014/2015 that further cuts will have to implemented in Public Services to achieve the necessary savings.

Replacement Signs at Junction of School Lane/Pennant Road: The replacement directional signs for the junction of School Lane/Pennant Road have had to be returned for correction of a spelling error.

Mobile Phone Reception Improvement Project: Details of the Mobile Phone Reception Improvement Project, which is being funded by the UK Government have been received and can be viewed in the Community Information Folder in the Memorial Hall. Llangynog has been identified as a priority “Not Spot”. Phase One of the project will involve surveys to identify suitable sites for a mast but there is a list of criteria attached to it which will determine whether or not it will be a viable spend of public money.

Grant from Rothschild Foundation Fund for work at St Melangell’s Churchyard: The Clerk had received information from Julian Freeman-Attwood that the bid for a grant from the Rothschild Foundation had been turned down, as they can only support Registered Charities, which the Community Council is not.

Survey by Police and Crime Commissioner on Cost of Policing: The Police and Crime Commissioner is running a survey, asking a small number of questions, about what the public wish to pay for their policing service and in what areas they feel it should be spent. It can be found on-line at and he would like local residents to have their say.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 21st January2014 at 7.30pm. If anyone has concerns about anything affecting the village or any suggestions for improvements, please contact the Clerk or any one of the Councillors on the list displayed on the Public Notice Board.