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The business was concluded and John Jones took the chair from Gwilym Tibbott. Gwynoro Roberts was installed as vice chair. Everyone was thanked for their support.

Minutes of previous meeting and extraordinary meeting with John Bellingham were accepted.
The latter had been extremely helpful with suggestions for running the toilets. The forms had been completed and were signed ready for return to Powys C.C.

Matters Arising:

  • No reply from Neil Jenkins regarding the P.O.
    Darren Mayor will invite him to attend the June meeting of Llangynog C.C.

  • Meeting in Llanfyllin re ambulance service:
    The service plans to provide a more flexible service by studying patterns of use. Darren Mayor felt this was very positive and should result in a better service.

  • Cluster group meeting:
    Llangynog's interest accepted. A financial model will be drawn up and a final decision made.

  • Noise disturbance:
    Group have now left the village. Letter has been sent to Mr & Mrs Clarke.

  • Dogs have now stopped worrying the sheep but dog mess had been left on the bowling green path.
Invoices for J. E. Hughes and annual insurance were passed for payment.

Removal of planning conditions for I. Morris were agreed.

Internal Audit:
It was agreed to ask agitations to do this.

Russell George:
A letter had been received from the A.M. re his recent surgery in the New Inn. He will be looking into the concerns expressed over the ambulance service, broadband, mobile phone reception, Post Office and Powys funding.

Pearce Cycles:
To hold further events on June 13 & 14.

Entertainment Committee:
Will hold a coffee morning in the Hall on July 11 at 10 am when a presentation will be made to David & Angela Rabbetts in recognition of their long service to the community. All contributions to this would be welcome. Agreed to give a grant of £200 to support the work of the Entertainment Committee.


  • The clerk has spoken to Severn Trent re a reduction in water rates. Darren Mayor will pursue this.

  • It was agreed only the disabled toilet would be open from the end of October until Easter. A handle will need to be fitted to enable access to all. The other toilets will be drained to prevent freezing.

  • All toilets will be open 24/7 from Easter to November.

  • A metal honesty box will be installed outside the toilets. Notices displayed inside. Thanks to Janet Burton for producing these.

  • John Bellingham had suggested the toilets should be cleaned on Fridays and Mondays. The cleaners should be paid. A meeting with the current cleaner is to be arranged.

  • A hazard sign needs to be purchased.

  • The hot water system needs to be discounted to avoid risk of Legionnaires disease and automatic taps fitted to reduce water waste. The clerk will contact local tradesmen to arrange for this work.

  • Confirmation of a reduced council rate is still awaited.