Community Council Meeting
17 July 2018
Chaired by: J Eilbeck.

Present: P Morgan, I Davies, L Foster, E Jones (clerk).

Apologies: G Evans, C Hill, A Young, B Davies (County Councillor).

Rev C Browne attended as an observer and had requested to speak on certain issues regarding St Malengell Churchyard. Two bilingual dog signs had been ordered for St Melangell Churchyard.

Agreed to contact Hywel Jones for an estimated cost of painting eight public seats in the village.

Llywela Lewis was paid £72.25 for public toilets cleaning.

JE Hughes was paid £130 monthly payment for grass cutting in St Cynog's Churchyard and the Playfield.

Dei Roberts was paid £42 for hedge cutting in playfield.

Permission was allowed for Bowling Club to use playfield for car parking on August 19th.

Agreed to get tenders for estimated cost of repairing the perimeter fence near the playground.