Community Council Meeting
16 July 2013
Matters Arising from Previous Community Council Meetings:

Damage to Quarry Road and Pennant Road: Some repair work has been carried out on the Pennant Road and work is in progress on the Quarry road. Work on the Cwm Rhiwarth Road is scheduled to follow on from this.

Community Website (Llangynog online): John Wilson of Dol Eglwys is working on setting up a prototype web site and would like to hear from anyone who has potential content or suggestions. Possible content he has in mind: Facilities – News – Tourist Accommodation – Local Businesses – Village History – etc. The site will be bi-lingual, so help with translation would be very welcome. John can be contacted via E-mail:

New Black Refuse Bags: Following complaints about the poor quality of the new black refuse bags, which have been splitting and tearing open, causing spillage of their contents, Powys CC have advised that the Company who supplied them, have apologised for this error and will be replacing them with a stronger variety. In the meantime it is recommended that double bags be used until the replacements are distributed.

Mobile Phone Reception: The UK Government has indicated that people living in Powys are set to benefit most from the Mobile Infrastructure Project (an investment of £150M) which will extend mobile coverage to areas where no coverage currently exists. Russell George, our AM, is pursuing this on our behalf and hopes that we will get positive news soon.

Use of Playing Field for Alternative Purposes: Members of the Community and Village Organisations are reminded that permission to use this area for overflow parking or other activities should be sought from the Community Council via the Clerk, prior to any such use taking place.

Extraordinary Meeting:Friday 6th September 2013 at 7.30 – To discuss impact of the decision by Powys CC to close our Public Toilets by end of October, if the Community Council is unable to take over the running of them.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 17th September 2013 at 7.30pm.