Community Council Meeting
17 March 2015
Chairman Gwilym Tibbott welcomed all the councillors and councillor Darren Mayor.

Post Office
A letter had been received saying that no sub post masters were interested in running an outreach P.O. in Llangynog and no mobile P.O. was available. However the matter remains open. The letter is being placed on the notice board. The clerk will write a reply.

Tenders for grass cutting
Only one tender had been received for cutting the churchyards ( 6 cuts x £250). A tender will also be required for the sports field.

Playground equipment
A quote of £2,337 has been received. Grants are to be investigated via PAVO.

Yew Tree at Penant
Scottish Power has obtained permission from Powys to prune this tree which has a preservation order. L.C.C agreed to the pruning.

Public Toilets
A meeting with Alastair Knox (P.C.C) had been very useful.
Documentation regarding the lease is still awaited from Powys.
The £5,000 grant will only be available for a maximum of 5 years.
The clerk is to clarify the position on donations and sponsorship.
A notice will be put up explaining the situation to users and asking for donations via an honesty box.

Tree across the footpath from Bala Rd to the Mill.
Owners to be asked to remove it.

Qube, Oswestry
Conducting a feasibility study regarding the need for cleaning, gardening, DIY and other home tasks. A questionnaire is available in the Hall for anyone who wishes to complete one.