Community Council Meeting
20 October 2015
The Chairman offered good wishes to Councillors Hugh Williams & Gwynoro Roberts for a speedy recovery after their recent heart surgery.

Minutes read and agreed.

Highways Dept. The clerk has contacted them about having a speed sign erected in Llangynog. Matter being considered.

Future funding. Letter from the council read out. Re shaping of services over next 3 - 5 years. Concurrent financial scheme to be phased out. Budget available for funding to be reduced by 50% 2016/17 and phased out by 2017/18. Uncertainty over funding from Westminster means Welsh government is not revealing how much will be cut, probably upwards of 27 million. By 2019 financial position should be improved. Hall Committee needs to report back to the Community Council re their future needs.

Rubbish collection may be reduced to 3 weekly. However larger bins or additional bins can be requested. Recycling will continue weekly.

Grass cutting bill to be paid (£270).

Replacement for stolen toilet seat now fitted. Bill to be paid (£13).

Pennant Melangell cremation area needs cutting & clearing.
Car park needs clearing.
Hedges on five a side need cutting.
Estimates needed for this work.

Letter from Caroline Harris. Requesting permission to fix ornamental metal bench in Penant Melangell cemetery. Map attached showing proposed position. All agreed to proposal.

C.A.B. Letter requesting donation to Welshpool branch. Decided to wait until the end of the financial year to see what money is available.

Toilet cleaning. 10 hours + toilet rolls bill to be paid (£80).

Community delivery of services. Thanks to community councils for their support. Cabinet will be meeting to discuss money available for Community Councils. Further information will be given in November.

Meeting of cluster group next Wednesday in Tabernacle Chapel at 7.30. Members of each Council, plus clerk, invited to attend. Darren Mayer will attend.

Independent renumeration panel for Wales. Report for consultation available on their web site.

Letter from Mike Atherton re rumours that he has started a petition to object to planning for building on Cae Ddol. This had cropped up in discussion over the refusal of the planners to grant permission. Mike wishes to state that he fully supports this planning request and has certainly not organised a petition. Darren will visit Mike Atherton. Darren is already involved in this planning matter.

Green Inn. Email to Darren Mayer re dinners to doors said no Community Council had responded. Jennie had been in touch asking for more details. The cost would be £4.50 for a 2 course meal. The proposed days are Wednesday & Friday. They are needing to recruit drivers. As there is already a luncheon club held in the New Inn on Wednesdays it was felt there would be little demand from Llangynog.

Bill for web site expenses approved.

Additional sundries for the toilets (£89.98) approved.

Jennie gave apologies for absence from the next meeting.