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Fibre broadband survey for Llangynog residents

We moved into Pencaedu (opposite the turning for Pencraig) last Autumn. Whilst we have a data-limited 21mb satellite broadband service, we wanted an unlimited back-up and landline, so contacted BT. According to BT, we couldn't have landline/internet as we didn't have a phone line, despite the fact I was looking at it and it's their charter to supply. 3 months later working with a UK Complaint manager, we discovered that Openreach records Pencaedu as a "Greenfield" site – 'fibre ready' rather than "Copper" – 'phone line only'. We're now connected but this error could be wrong for a lot of properties in the village.

Openreach appear to think Llangynog is all wired for fibre, and that a lot of us don't want it. Yet, when you individually apply, computer says "not available" and if you ring them, they cut you off. Stale mate. With the backing of the Community Council, we have volunteered to collate interest in the village for fibre-broadband. We'll ask Openreach to re-survey the village, with the support of BT and possibly Russell George AM.

If you had the choice, would you like fibre-broadband? Would you be willing to tell us, so we can gauge the interest in the village and, again with the CC's backing, try to get our village connected?

Please will you drop an e-mail to me saying whether you would be interested (or not) in fibre-broadband? We'd need your name, house name, landline number (to check BT database) and your e-mail address. By sending us the e-mail, you consent for us to keep that information for the express purpose of getting fibre broadband only, sharing it with Openreach / BT as needed and letting you know if developments happen. The data is not shared elsewhere or sold on and would be deleted either when we get fibre, or everyone collectively gives up!

We hope with your support we can help the whole village get better internet. Any questions, we'd love to hear from you, as well as meet villagers! Thank you.

Mark & Jane Hennell. E-mail us at