News for Llangynog

Llangynog Covid-19 response

Following on from the request for volunteers earlier in the week, Llangynog Community Council have set-up a database for anyone offering support to Llangynog residents, and those Llangynog residents who might need support.

It would be appreciated if all residents that are able to complete this do so, as this enables a single consolidated list so we can arrange for help where needed. Even if you have already notified me of how you would like to help or if you need help, please complete the Llangynog Covid-19 response form (unless you have already done so).

The form can also be found on the new Facebook page You may wish to look both there and on the village website to keep up to date with local information.

By filling in this questionnaire you give your permission for your data to be collected and stored. Your data will be securely held, accessed only by a small number of trusted individuals in responsible positions within our community. After this emergency, your data will be deleted.

It is also important to register so that future coronavirus communications can be sent to you from the dedicated email. With immediate effect this is the email to use for any queries regarding needing help / volunteering or about COVID-19 in our community.

We are working as fast as possible to get everything in place. Many thanks again for all your support.

Sarah Chambers