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Llangynog scarecrows

In the 2020 lockdown, some members of Llangynog WI made scarecrows and put them outside their houses.
The idea caught on, and soon scarecrows were popping up all over the area.

Mount Quarry

'Thank you Royal Mail'

Druids Corner
Queen Bee Scarer

Cae Golygfa
Harry Potter on the balcony

4: Cae Golygfa
Harry Potter spider

Cae Golygfa

Tŷ Castell
Molly the Painter

Buxom Bowling Betty
by Ann Marsh

near Henstent Caravan Park
'Black Lives Matter'

opposite Henstent Caravan Park
Welsh Couple

Henstent Caravan Park

Glanhafon Fach
Farmer Fred
by Ann Morgan

Golygfa'r Craig
Welsh Witchery
by Janet Burton

Golygfa'r Craig
Candy Can-Can
by Janet Burton

Bryn Tanat
by Anne Hill

Glen Pennant
Big Bertha
by Pam Parnell

Llwyn Onn Barn
and Cottage

by Anne Saunders

Llwyn Onn Barn
and Cottage

Sally Skinny Ribs
by Chris Norwell

Polly Pennant
by Mary MacKenzie

School Lane
Nightingale Nurse
by Val Atherton

Dol Hendre
Agnetha (Dancing Queen)
by Maureen Clarke

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