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Save Ysgol Pennant

Hello Everyone

We have had a number of offers of help and some great comments / suggestions left both during and following our Zoom meeting, for which we are extremely grateful, these were discussed at our first official meeting last Thursday (19th). We met as a small group so we could review the make up of the committee and ensure all the affected parties are represented, and I'm happy to say we are well on the way to achieving this. We covered many points and are busy working on research & communications & strategies to save Ysgol Pennant & Cylch Meithrin, initially we have collaborated with our 3 Community Councils Penybontfawr, Llangynog & Llanwddyn to express our concerns to Estyn who met with PCC last week. Cylch Meithrin are also taking PCC to task concerning the redaction of the grant funding we await their response to the questions Cylch have put to them. Bryn Davies (Chair of Governors) is drafting communication with PCC, requesting they engage in discussion with Ysgol Pennant urgently, we hope to review & send this request this asap, the aim being to have an opportunity to fully express why we believe their proposal to close the school is a non-starter.

Lots of you have asked what can you do to help, so here are just some issues we'd really appreciate your quite urgent help with over the coming week?


Firstly please email or write to get our views heard, attached is a summary of some of the issues identified by Ffrindiau Ysgol Pennant so far, along with the contact details for those we feel need to be made aware of our concerns. Some of you may well have already written your letters, if so thank you but please do check out the attached as we have been given additional contacts who we feel need to hear how strongly we disagree with their proposals. There are key decisions being made this week and in the weeks to come and we need those decision makers fully versed in our concerns and aware of the volume of people unhappy with Powys County Councils plans.


Covid has disrupted our plans for a coordinated day of shooting pictures of us protesting outside the school, so instead we are asking you to make banners at home and photograph yourselves with these, this is not restricted to households with pupils, we need as many people as possible to get behind this, but if anyone in your household is a pupil perhaps they could wear their school uniform? Some Ideas for Banner wording is also attached / detailed below??

Peidiwch â chau Ysgol Pennant! Don't close Ysgol Pennant!

Achubwch Ysgol Pennant! Save Ysgol Pennant!

Rydw i'n caru Ysgol Pennant - I love Ysgol Pennant

Meddyliwch am ddyfodol ein pentref. Think of the future of our village.

Mynnwn addysg Gymraeg ym Mhenybontfawr! We demand Welsh education in Penybontfawr!

Please sent your pictures to or if you have hard copies they can be left with the school.

We are aiming for a deadline of Sunday 29th November 2020 for both emails/letters and photos.

Finally, please spread the word! The more of us who express our support for the school the greater the chance of a successful outcome, if you know of anyone who would like to be included in this group please ask them to email the address above with the subject "add me" so that you can all be kept up to date. Parents of Ysgol Pennant pupils will be sent copies of any community information emails, such as this, via the school.

Thank you once again,
Kind regards
Lucy & Kim

Ymgyrch Achub Ysgol Pennant Committee