News for Llangynog

Llangynog Playground Project

Back in 2019 a group of 7 formed a committee to raise money to improve the village playground working with the Community Council. Prior to the dreaded lockdown we raised over £8k in as many months through some much missed social activities. Then came lockdown and everything stopped! The Community Council are holding all monies raised within their account, albeit ring fenced for the playground. We currently have £8613.45. Like Sleeping Beauty we rose from our sleep and held a Zoom committee meeting recently.

Covid has put us a year behind with our project but all is not lost! The Council has pledged money for the project and we have an offer of double matched funding for that Council money. £2 for every £1 given by the Council. We have also had a generous pledge of £2k and have received a grant from the Powys Wellbeing Fund of £978 to purchase 2 new benches for the playground. We await a decision from the Council's April meeting and then hopefully we are good to go. We have also applied for a grant (£4k) to provide some adult keep fit equipment.

Improving the playground is a chicken and egg situation. It's hard to plan without the funds in place and we cannot cost the improvements without a plan! We set ourselves a goal to raise £25k. We are currently exploring options and what to include in the playground. This is where you come in. We have a Facebook page - Llangynog Playground Project. Please visit this page if you can and look at the ideas being posted and feel free to comment and post your own ideas. Our space and funds are finite so we will not be able to have everything we would like. It is inevitable that we will not be able to please everyone but we would like to please as many as possible.

Our goal is to provide a central hub for the village where children can play, adults can meet and a social life can return.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Llanygynog Playground Fundraising Committee - Rhian Briscoe, Maureen Clarke, Jennie Eilbeck, Linda Foster, Eldrydd Hughes, Christine Norwell, Karma Trommelen