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Donkathon - July 25th 2021

Information and pictures from Llangynog WI.

Donkathon 2020 was the latest idea from one of the world’s top female pilots and serial fundraiser Polly Vacher.

Polly took her two donkeys, Wizard and Muffin on a month long, 200 mile adventure from South Oxfordshire to Saint Melangell’s Church, here, at Pennant!

Our WI were delighted to offer the use of one of our gazebos and several members very kindly offered to make cakes and scones for the grand finale at Pennant.

Gazebo up ready for the Donkathon finale!

Polly thanks Chris Browne, and everyone else involved in making this final day of the Donkathon very so special

Later, Chris had this message for Llangynog WI members who helped with refreshments and the gazebo.

Dear Mary

As President of the WI, can I ask you to thank all those members who supported the Donkathon by making scones and cakes, giving their time on the day and making donations to Multiple Sclerosis Research. This, and the use of the gazebo, was very much appreciated and has resulted in £352.94 being contributed locally.

As the Donkathon has raised over £33,000 during the month of the journey, this is a wonderful total for such a good cause and I am grateful to all those who helped to make this possible. Thank you!


Wizard and Muffin